Drain Relining

Drain lining is simply a method placing a new pipe in an existing pipe without the need for excavation.

The new pipe is moulded into the damaged pipe by an ingenious method called “inversion” using water or air pressure.

At Drainscan we use different types and methods of pipe relining depending on the application and the surrounding environment.

Benefits of relining a pipe over excavation

  • Minimal Cost.
  • Minimal disruption or in convenience.
  • Strengthens existing pipe.
  • Resistant to leaks or root penetration.
  • Drains return to full operation quicker.

No-Dig Drain Repair Using CIPP Drain Lining Techniques

This is the most common trenchless drain lining repair technique used on all sizes of drainage systems within the UK by installing a CIPP drain lining repair liner with a projected life of around 25 years this is a easy way to avoid that you endure a full blown excavation with the noise, mess and upheaval that this kind of work can involve.

Drain Patch Repair

Unlike traditional CIPP Lining where we use a pre-shaped and sized tube of liner the material used for a drain patch repair comes in a square or patch, hence the name.

The patch is spread out and impregnated using an epoxy resin before being wrapped around a pipe packer, the pipe packer is then inserted into the drain or sewer up to the point of the defect before being inflated, after an hour or so the resin cures, the packer is removed and bingo, job done.

The patches come in different lengths from 500mm to 2000mm dependent on the pipe size with the packer diameters going up to 1000mm.

Lateral cutting

Trenchless pipe repair robotic lateral re-instatement cutters are necessary to cut holes from the inside of a small diameter pipe and re-establish existing connections. A valuable piece of equipment in the pipe rehabilitation business is in the form of a robotic cutter. The cutter is an engineered and capable operating machine that can traverse through any pipe and cut out lateral connections.

The robotic pipe cutter is capable of drilling through PVC, clay, cast iron pipe and obstructions such as tree roots, rock, gravel and even small amounts of concrete. These rugged little robots are configured to allow specialized situations to be navigated with a straight forward design and assembly that is able to be deployed within minutes.

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Lateral Cutter